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Having taught in many different kitchens around the country, I am proud to say that our teaching facilities in Bristol are second to none. With eight dedicated work stations each with its own hob and oven, we can cater for up to 16 students, although we choose to keep our maximum class size at 12.  We have a separate area where skills are demonstrated, and at the end of the class we create an area where cooks can sit and eat their wonderful creations. 

We have a very hands-on approach to cooking, and unlike other cookery schools we don't believe in just giving our guests the odd vegetable to chop or pan to stir while watching the teacher prepare the majority of the dishes. We want you to learn new skills and the only way you can do that is by having a go yourself. Cooking is a multi-sensory experience and we want you to understand not only how a dish should taste, but how it should look, how it should smell, and what its texture should feel like. That's the difference between learning from a book or YouTube and participating in a live class. 

The kitchen is set in the grounds of Redmaids' High School, an independent school located in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

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